Top Venture Capitals in the UAE

As the startup scene in the Middle East expands, investors begin to mature, expand and take risks. Some large corporations are also starting to invest in the new booming startup ecosystem. As one of the top fast-growing countries in the Middle East, UAE provides a suitable ecosystem for startups and venture capitals. Here are the top VCs in the UAE.

Wamda Capital


The Dubai-based venture capital firm Wamda Capital is MENA’s leading VC. Wamda Capital invests in promising entrepreneurs in the region to help take part in the expansion of tech-based businesses. They take part in both the seed and growth stage of startups in hopes of helping them get through different rounds of funding through to exit. Wamda Capital’s assets under management are estimated at $60 million. Their recent investments include Yalla!Mart, Verity, and BitOasis.

  • Startups invested in: 78
  • Number of investments: 91 (29 as lead investor)
  • Top five industries invested in: E-commerce, Internet, Financial Services, Software, Fin-tech

Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP)


Middle East Venture Partners is a Dubai-based venture capital firm. MEVP specializes in Middle East investments, especially GCC and Levant markets. Founded in 2010 by Walid Hanna, MEVP has offices in Beirut, Dubai, Bahrain, and Riyadh. This firm is interested in early-stage ventures and has three exits in its portfolio. With over $260 million assets under management, MEVP is the largest VC firm in the Middle East. Their recent investments include Verto, Halan, and MNT-Halan.

  • Startups invested in: 59
  • Number of investments: 71 (28 as lead investor)
  • Top five industries invested in: E-commerce, Software, Internet, SaaS, Marketplace

Mena Venture Investments (MVI)

Mena Venture Investments is an angel fund and venture investment firm based in Dubai. MVI invests in the early stages of promising startups in the MENA region and beyond. Founded in 2009 by Arif Naqvi and Fadi Ghandour, MVI specializes in seed and early-stage investment, mentorship, access to markets, networks, clients, and cross-border operational support. With $20 million assets under management, MVI hopes to help more entrepreneurs successfully build their businesses.

  • Startups invested in: 50
  • Number of investments: 67 (1 as lead investor)
  • Top five industries invested in: E-commerce, Internet, Software, Retail, Mobile

Beco Capital


The Dubai-based venture capital firm, Beco Capital, is an operational support firm for tech companies and innovative entrepreneurs based in GCC, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Beco Capital provides startups with funds, mentorship, and strategic and analytic resources to help them grow. Their estimated assets under management are $60 million. Beco Capitals’ recent investments include Abwaab, CoinMENA, and North Ladder.

  • Startups invested in: 30
  • Number of investments: 61 (28 as lead investor)
  • Top five industries invested in: E-commerce, Software, Financial Services, Internet, Marketplace

Jabbar Internet Group


Founded in 2009 by Hussam Khoury and Samih Toukan, Jabbar Internet Group is a venture capital organization in Dubai. Jabbar Internet Group gained recognition as a leading investor in the MENA region because of its successful exits, to Yahoo and to Amazon. The to Amazon exit is the largest tech transaction in the MENA region. Jabbar Internet Group continues to support innovative tech startups in online gaming, retail, marketplace, and search services. Their latest investments include Kitchenful, GrocerApp, and Ziina.

  • Startups invested in: 22
  • Number of investments: 33 (6 as lead investor)
  • Top five industries invested in: E-commerce, Retail, Internet, Shopping, Marketplace

MBC Ventures


The venture capital arm of MBC, MBC Ventures, was launched in 2012 in Dubai. MBC Ventures invests in telecom media and tech startups, especially gaming, e-commerce, media services, and mobile sectors in the seed stage. They aim to fund startups that can help shape the future of the telecom industry in the MENA region. MBC ventures’ assets under management are estimated at $25 million. Their latest investments include Maryland Daily Record, TapMad Tv, and Supermama.

JISR Venture Partners (Banvest)


Banvest, previously JISR Venture Partners, is a Dubai-based family investment firm founded in 2012 by Omar Albanawi, Waleed Albanawi, and Yossuf Albanawi. Banvest invests in early-stage ventures, Late Stage ventures, and Private Equity globally. This firm invests in healthcare, fintech, food and beverages, consumer goods, consumer internet, and new media and advertising sectors. Apart from funding, Banvest provides strategic guidance, operational expertise, as well as access to new and booming markets. With $5 million assets under management, Banvest provides capital for startups such as BitOasis, Pilleve, and ReserveOut.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Fund (DSOA)


Dtec Ventures, the venture capital arm of Dubai Silicon Oasis Fund (DSOA), was established in 2012 in Dubai. Dtec is a government-based organization with interests in funding early-stage ventures and seed tech-based startups in the MENA region. DSOA has recently launched Sandbox, a 12-month program that supports early-stage promising tech startups. This program provides product development, traction, scaling, financial diagnostics, wellbeing, and legal support. Their latest investments include AlgoDriven and eMusgrif.

Iliad Partners


Iliad Partners is a Dubai-based venture capital investment firm founded in 2014 by Christos Mastoras. Iliad Partners invests in early-stage tech companies in the MENA region. They support innovative startups, especially in supply chain management, logistics, e-commerce, information technology, and delivery services that could become the future of the region. Iliad Partners’ latest investments include Fetchr and TruKKer.

Glowfish Capital


Glowfish Capital is a principal investment firm founded in 2013 by Wim Torfs and Ali Malik based in Dubai. Glowfish Capital is a boutique business builder interested in early-stage investments within the MENA region. Their slogan is “Seed. Grow. Disrupt” as they provide seed funding, strategic direction, additional operational, technical, and infrastructure assistance for innovative startups in booming ecosystems. With $4 million assets under management, Glowfish Capital has funded CarSwitch, Tap the Market, Oladoc, and MobiMatter.


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