Talent Services

Nothing happen in the world without your great mind and talent. We know how valuable you are and we promise to represent that value the best we can. Let us help you join the best

Why bestartup?

Network of opportunities

We have a great network of startups and businesses who want to have people like you. by joining our network you have more options.

Tailored to you

We know just having more options doesn’t translate to opportunities. We will assess your capabilities and present the options only based on your preference and talent.

Only the best

We are very strict when it comes to choosing businesses in our network. If you see an option from us, you can be sure it is a great one.



Not every person is in the right place and at the right time. The good news is you have control over the former. We will help you find jobs overseas and we will facilitate the process. We have been there so we understand how important and hard it is.

Career Consulting

We understand how hard it is to find a job that you really want and we have decades of experience in recruiting talents all around the world. We can help you find a people career path instead of putting your valuable time into trial and error. 


We believe those investors who are willing to take risks to make an impact on the future are the ones who will mark their name on history books, so we help them to assess and evaluate their desired startups, get insight and make better decisions via our vast network of startups veterans.

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